Waypoint Resource Group provides accounts receivable management solutions across a variety of industries. We build sustainable partnerships for the long term, treating your customers as if they were our own. Consumers want to know that someone understands their situation. We do, and we’re here to help.

Driving Your Revenue

Committed to your success as much as ours, Waypoint delivers results as a seamless extension of your business. We work to produce strong revenue and customer relationships—regardless of account status—in a fully-compliant environment. The operating values driving our business include treating people with respect and acting with the highest integrity. These values shape how we approach all customer interactions. We treat you and your customers the way we’d want to be treated, forging a mutually-beneficial relationship built on trust and transparency.

Making an Impact

We’re dedicated to providing trusted guidance that helps people make informed decisions and improve their lives. It’s part of who we are as a member of the Trellis family of companies. For nearly 40 years Trellis Company’s philanthropic programs have provided financial, research, and educational resources for students and families—leading them toward educational and economic success. We’re focused on building strong communities, one student at a time. And that philosophy lies at the core of our business relationships. We work for the long-term success of our clients and guide individual credit customers toward positive resolutions.