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Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Debt Collection: Refining Technology Tools

Choosing and implementing the right tools with so many competing technology options on the market is a challenge. And don’t forget all the internal decisions that need to be made [...]

Meet us at the annual CRS Conference

Waypoint will be at the 2017 Collections and Recovery Solutions Conference in Las Vegas. We’re eager to meet with you and answer your questions. While you are there, enter our [...]

Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Debt Collection: Improving Processes

We see it time and again in the world of debt collection: Workforce structure – the subject of our first blog post – is just as important as managing processes [...]

Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Debt Collection: Optimizing the Workforce

There’s just no way around it. Chasing delinquent accounts is expensive. In addition to labor, overhead, and infrastructure there are hidden costs. Before you realize it, inefficiencies and wasteful practices [...]

How ARM Professionals Can Succeed at Omnichannel

If you’ve been reading our recent blog posts, then you probably already know about the many benefits that come with implementing an omnichannel collections strategy. But what you might not [...]

Omnichannel Benefits for Accounts Receivable Management

It’s the question almost every business asks. What’s the most effective way to reach customers in a competitive, technology-driven environment? People today are on the go, accessing information at all [...]